Photoshop Color/B&W trick?

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What’s the best way to go about producing an image that is entirely black and white, save a patch of red, or any other color, on a hat, or some other object. Do you shoot the object in color then desaturate everything but the piece you want to remain colored? Or do you shoot the image in B&W and then add the color where you want it? I appreciate the help everyone!

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  1. take the pic normally and then go to . try it free and use all the features to add black and white to the picture and then add a color focus to the red hat part. good luck!

  2. Shoot in color. Use the magic wand tool to highlight everything you want to keep. (Do so by right clicking and hitting add selection on everything you want, and subtract from selection to get rid of other things it gives you.) Then right click after you have it all and click select inverse. Next go to Image >>> Mode >>> Grayscale >>> Apply. It should do it. If it dosn’t, let me know.

  3. try this. Make two layers. the top layer is the original color photo. the bottom layer is a bw version. than on the top layer select the object you want to keep, invert the selection, then delete. that is it.

    as a secondary option instead of making a selection use the eraser tool and do it by hand. use a soft brush and zoom in to at least 200%.

    good luck

  4. Shoot the pic in color! Photoshop can change color pics to monochrome, but NOT vice-versa.
    Change the entire pic to B/W and then clip the part you want in color by cutting it out and paste it over the B/W…
    Easiest way to go.

  5. If you have photoshop, that’s probably the best way to get a quality image. Here’s the steps for you:
    1. Take your photo in color
    2. Open photo in Photoshop and click “Layer”
    3. Click on Duplicate Layer and then click ok when you get the pop-up. (The name doesn’t really matter)
    4. Click “Image” then “Adjustments” and then “Desaturate”
    5. Now, your photo should all be black and white. Now comes the part that takes a little patience and a steady hand.
    6. Use the eraser tool and carefully run it over the area of the photo that you want to be in color.
    7. Once you’ve got the part of the photo colored and it looks like you want it to, then click on “Layer” and then click “Merge Visible”.

    Ta-Da! Now just save your photo and enjoy! Just make sure that you always “Merge Visible” before saving the photo or else it will save wrong and you’ll have to start over.

    Good luck!

  6. If you do not get a satisfactory answer, see;_ylt=AoPe5d.1xIElJmZw8w1.u2gPzKIX;_ylv=3?p=black+and+white+one+color for well over 10,000 times that this question has been asked before. Each time it will have 5 answers or more, so you will have 50,000 answers to choose from. One of them will work with your software.

    Or, come back and tell us exactly what image manipulating program you are using and maybe there is someone here who knows about that program who can give you a meaningful answer.

  7. Take the photo in color then open it in photoshop. mask out the areas you want to remove color from. (I prefer the polygon selection tool NOT the magnetic one though) You’re shortcuts to remember Shift + click the first point to add to an existing selection, Alt + click to subtract. press Q to view to selection in red. Now you can select areas of the selection and modify them. use filters>noise>median to smooth areas and filters>blur>gaussian blur> to feather. press Q again to change it back to a selection. and use image>adjustments>desaturate to turn an area to black-and white or if you prefer use channel mixer with the grayscale checkbox checked.

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