Photoshop CS3 and layers…HELP!?

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I am trying to blend 2 photos together following the book SIMPLIFIED TOP 100 TIPS & TRICKS of PHOTOSHOP. Anyways…

#1. Says with the 2 photographs you want to blend open, click the move tool.

Well that is my problem. For whatever reason, I can’t open two photographs at the same time. WHAT am I doing wrong!?! It just opens one. Then I go to File, and click open again…to get 2nd picture. And the 2nd picture comes up…but the 1st one disappears. Please help!

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  1. Are you sure that the 1st photo disappears? Maybe it was just minimized. Try opening two photos at the same time. From the open dialog box, select two pictures. use Ctrl to select multiple pictures and hit enter.

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