Photoshop CS3 help with tips and tricks?

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i have dark photo please teach me how i can brink my dark picture in white color i am dark man i wanna change my pic in good skin color teach me please step by step. it will great help

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  1. I dont know.
    Sorry, but cs3 is hard!
    i have cs2 and cs3 :]
    but i barley use cs3 because its messin up my comp when i open it and yeah.
    it gets it slow.
    sorry hope you find out ! <3

  2. You can go to Image>Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast. Adjust it from there. If you want to, you can adjust it by going to Image>Adjustments>Levels. It’s all easy once you know where to go and how bright you want it to be. I dunno how dark your pic is so I couldnt tell you the exact numbers to put it. CS3 isnt that hard though. If you want, there are plenty of Photoshop tutorials out there. Just google photoshop tutorials and you’ll find PLENTY of interesting ones.

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