Learn the new Vanishing Point feature in Photoshop

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In this video learn the new Vanishing Point feature in the brand new Photoshop CS3 beta. In this video it delves into the new Brightness & Contrast feature in the brand new Photoshop CS3 beta. We’ve released the most comprehensive training on this subject in the industry, and we’re giving it away to everyone!

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  2. Thanks for the tutorial. It is very helpful. It is easy to understand and clear to the point. Thank you. – behindvfx

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  4. WOW — dude!!

    dont you think you would be years faster map it just with — cmd T >> cmd while tragging!!!!!!!!!!!

    what ever…

  5. Photoshop for Dummies… Easy to follow videos… See Free-VideoTutorials.infoR (remove R)

  6. Hah, I chuckled at the “door into another dimension” comment. It wasn’t funny at all but the way the guy said it with a quick laugh at the end cracked me up.

  7. why no mention of vanishing points stupid error that everyone is bitching about. There are dozens of people that have this problem, not just me. It seems that once vanishing point is used in a document in cs3. that it won’t let you use it again. Atleast that’s whats happening for me and countless others.

  8. This video does not explain how to create the “brighten” and the “depth” layers.. Is there the complete explanation somewhere?

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