Advance selection of Hair: Best finsihed cutout of curling hairs using Photoshop

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In this video we will cover using channels to cleanly cut out complex hair selections of both brunette and blond hair on a studio style background and an outdoor scene. You will learn a lot about how to select things in Photoshop using the techniques displayed in this video which will aid you in selecting many different things, not just hair.

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  1. ok i made that part, but now when i copy and paste the image at some random background image, the image of the person im “using” becomes transparent, so what do i do?

  2. I’ve made it so far, but when you are suposed to double click the background layer that option thingie does not appear ( sorry im a starter )

  3. With an image as easy as the girl on a white background it is a simple matter to make a duplicate layer and use the magic wand to select all of the white area. Press delete. Go to ‘select’ and choose modify – contract. Choose 1 or 2 pixels. You can then refine the edges.

  4. Your vids are awesome! It’s easy to learn how to use photoshop because of your vids 🙂

  5. UR GOD MEN!!

  6. You’ve learned my so much new tricks 🙂 thx for that and greetings from Poland 🙂

  7. With the blonde, you should make a layer with the brith hairs all around her head and make le color modo to overlay or lighten and make a layer with the dark single hairs and make a hard light layer or multiply layer over her. That way you don’t loose any 1 pixel hair. No blur area and no jag area.

  8. Seing someone using the calculation menu, it because you work with photoshop for a long time. Remember in version 2.5 when the layers did not existed. Calculation was the solution! You do this kind of selection just like me, playing with the contrast of a channel to create a mask. But I’m not happy with the idea of coping just the girl, create a layer mask and copy all that will help with future correction. Plus use the Layer/Matting to remove white pixels the menu is the till version 4!

  9. your a genius man!! iv seen your other tutorials on flash etc. u know he score!! gr8 stuff.

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