Photoshop CS5- CS6 PSD extension file preview in Windows Explorer

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On a Windows PC, Windows explorer is one of the most used application, to search or save so many files, whether it is music, video, picture etc. Windows Explorer also makes it easy to find any file using its thumbnail preview of almost all the available extension of video or image file extension… but sadly there are still some extensions for which we do not have a direct preview.

In the list the preview of Photoshop generated files comes on the top… even though we have the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CS 6, still we are not able to have a preview. Though there is Adobe bridge.. but not preferred by many of us.. as it uses a lot of resources. So now, what is the solution.

Today in this post I will show you two simple ways, to resolve thumbnail preview problem in windows explorer.

First one is using the registry modification and using a dll extension.

Here is link a to download a ZIP file which includes two files — Adobe.reg and another one is psicon.dlll. You need to download these files first and then have to follow the instruction given:

  • Copy psicon.dll to C:Program FilesCommon FilesAdobeShell if this folder doesn’t exist create it.
  • Run Adobe.reg
  • It will ask for a confirmation to apply changes in the windows registry.. allow it.
  • Now restart your pc.
  • After restart you can view Photoshop file preview direct in windows explorer.

Download ZIP here.

And now the second method… using SageThumbs a windows explorer shell extension…

You can download the SageThumb shell extension from the link here.

After the download, install it using the onscreen instruction… after the installation finishes, visit to any folder containing picture files… there should be a preview of all the picture files , if not right click using the mouse right button over any picture to open the shell extension. Locate there SageThumbs and from the menu appears locate sagethumbs options.

shell extension


This will show you the options like shown below check all the extensions…. and optimize the application.

Click OK to finish the configuration.

SageThumbs option

Hope this solves your problem you were looking for… if still you have any problem… leave a comment and I will try to provide you with a solution.  Keep visiting for some more tips.

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