Photoshop: edit shadows, lighting partially for a time lapse effect and lighting trick.?

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Hi, I am trying to make a video about a growing seed in a time lapse video for a school project, and I am shooting another story behind it, as for the production convenience, I have to shoot the story on the background in one day, because the actors and so on, so i have already some of the footage of the story, all I need is insert the growing seed sequence (Not continuously, as there were a time jump, sort of like Homer’s Life). I already know how I can insert the growing plant into the footage (working on frame by frame) but I am not that good with photoshop, I need to know is there a good way to modify or alter the shadow in the picture, as for the lighting trick to make the part that was inserted to fit into the picture, and as well for a person, for example, I got a guy who is gonna sleep on the street for a night, which he is not gonna because we are gonna duplicate him and make it to look like he is sleeping on the street for the whole night, but I need to know how to modify/alter the lighting on the subject to make it fit to theenvironmentt. Also I haven’t taken picture every hour of the day, so I need to know if I could grab a picture that’s been taken at 12 pm and alter the brightness or what so ever to reach the effect of hour passing by?

If you still haven’t got what I am trying to do just ask me, I am gonna need some help with Photoshop editing and if you know other program that would help me please let me know

Thank you

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