Photoshop effects?? tricks? fish eye and ‘party’ look??

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Okay so here are a few examples:

1. i LOVE this fish eye. ive seen a few types but usually there really gross looking and unreal.. but this fish eye is perfect!! help?

2. These two have that ‘party look’ they just have that look to them… you’ll get it when you see them..

3. And these have that whole model look to them.. looky here…

4. THIS ONE’S MY FAVORITE! if you can teach me step by step how to make this effect … you’ll get those points thing from me!

are there any tutorials or tips you can give me… im good at photoshop, but sometimes i need help.. any camera suggestions? lighting? photoshop tricks?? anything can help.

Like the movie...rate it now

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  1. Those are some cool photographs! I do art for a living and use Photoshop every single day. The trick to getting pictures to look like that is to treat it like a painting.

    You can use the preset setting for contrast and colors but the only way to get photos to look that striking is to use a Photoshop brush and manually darken and lighten areas. Another trick would be to select smaller portions of your photos and adjust the color so that they intensify and pop more.

    Owning a nice digital SLR camera would be nice but they’re $600-$8,000. If you have a normal digital camera the only thing you really have to worry about is having good lighting. Flash looks horrible in professional photos. If you want an artsy feel you’re going to have to produce your own lighting.

    I hope that helps!

    ~Mark Lim

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