Photoshop Elements, Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 or CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 for Web design?

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I asked another question on how to obtain photoshop on my extremely limited budget, but there seems to be no solution to that other than not get photoshop CS3/CS2.

However there are some “alternatives” listed in my question, I have used GIMP for over 2 years and need something that can create more crisp web-worthy graphics.

I DO NOT want to see any Fan-Boy responses like Photoshop rules!

I see it everywhere, I am even able to impress fan boys I know with there illegal copy’s of photoshop, so please, if your going to recommend one of the listed pieces of software, please use your own personal experiences with that software, I need a graphics design program that is more powerful than GIMP, that wont cost an arm and a leg!

I have heard that photoshop elements is almost as good as it’s brother photoshop CS2/3?
Please I need help as I am looking to make a purchase sometime soon.
Oh and I know photoshop may be the best, but I can’t afford it, thanks adobe!


ehem..Fanboy?? I think not.

Photoshop is definitely the best out there. Elements is for those who are, well, too lazy to learn how to use photoshop, or simply intending to edit a bunch of photos.

I’ve been using Photoshop for a long time already and I can honestly say it’s the best. It has a lot of features. The only con is the not-so-friendly interface which you will eventually be familiar with. It’s good for web design.

If you REALLY hate Photoshop(I don’t understand why, though..), then Paint Shop Pro is another good choice. There are a little less brushes and tutorials available onthe net, but it’s technically the same as Photoshop!

Oh, and Elements isn’t as good as CS. Elements is for those who aren’t really willing to be creative or willing to take Photoshop seriously. It’s simply for editing photos.

Good luck!

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  1. If you want free get GIMP otherwise get which ever version of Photoshop you prefer or can afford. Fan boy or not it is the industry standard.

  2. try photo they are great and have a trial period of i think 20 days and not to much in the dollars i use a whole bunch of there products and the cost is reasonable try them out hope it helps great support also so give them a go ok good luck

  3. CorelDraw can be your best choice. Why? Because you pay a lot less than buying PS and you’ve got PhotoPaint bundled in (an equivalent almost as powerful) and –of course– CorelDraw. You can create your web images directly on PPaint or you can create them in Draw and export them to your desired web format. Be aware that none of the programmes you mention (as well as PS) actually are the tool to CREATE the websites; just the images. But perhaps you know that already.

    The Elements PS version is much stripped down. I’ve used it and it’s only good for basic stuff, but you miss a lot from the features provided by the complete version or by PPaint.

    My only gripe while creating web graphics from Draw is that sometimes you need to retouch them in PPaint when you choose anti-aliasing as an option and the borders of your image extend to the borders of your canvas. You tend to get blurriness in said borders, which you sometimes have to paint over. That being said, I would go for it. More value for your money.

  4. I tried an older version of Photoshop elements and that was no fun at all.

    I use Paint Shop Pro, an older version (nr 9) that I bought some years ago. I am still discovering new ways of using it. It is worth the money, and there is a trial version available, so I suggest that you try it for 30 days. It costs something like 100$.

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