photoshop tricks?

Like the movie...rate it now

was watching America’s Net top Model. and noticed they used photoshop to edit the pics. how do they make those modeling pics?
with flawless skin and beautiful eyes?
is there any good sites that will help?

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. if u have photoshop installed on your comuter you can actually go into help, and it will explain how to do a lot of things

  2., just search for photoshop and they have some good videos that explain step by step how to do some of that stuff.

  3. Oh sure.

    The photoshop for video is After Effects.

    That’s a good start.

    Their editing is poo, BTW.

    And take a look at Tyra’s makeup. Her face is orange! That shadow (aka gobbs of cake) around her forehead/left chin! Gawd! Somebody needs to tell her to lay off the hubris and drag queen….

  4. i can do a lot of it. its alot of air brushing, changing the levels of the colors and so on. go to help in photoshop and they will link you to online tutorials that will teach you things like this

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