How to create avatar / signature using photoshop: Avatar Designs

Like the movie...rate it now

Learn through the below video how you can draw an avatar using Photoshop… this tutorial can be very useful if you have your own blog and wanted to link your signature to several related forums.. go through the video below and create your own signature by yourself

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. If you have great Photoshop skills, there`s an online contest for you to win a Leica M9, MacBook Pro, etc. Search for inspired by zero contest or visit my channel!

  2. Very nicely done, for all who wans one, I heard yawner83 is doing for publics at gmail (.) c o m

  3. Photoshop Tutorial for your own avatar!
    fix the .

  4. and i got 1 more problem, my background is white and the custom shape is black, its reverze of you lol. How do i make it like urs? 😀

  5. How do i put in a picture like you did? I can’t find it lol, i am really noob in photoshop o.o

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