How to do professional photo editing using Photoshop: great tutorial

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Welcome to this video tutorial! In the following video we will start with a decent photo and transform it from being decent to great! Transforming brown/yellow grass to bright saturated grass and converting a dull sky to a bright blue wonderfully vivid sky. Check it out and learn something!

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  1. vist for basic training of photoshop

  2. I have to say, I liked the photo a lot better mid way through instead of the final product. Still, some interesting techniques.

    Also, near the end you mentioned using high resolution photos to help prevent grain. There are times when the resolution is not to blame. Sometimes, if you have slight noise in the shadows, when you start doing funky edits you start multiplying the noise and it becomes very obvious.

  3. @SilentFartrr it’s not coming up for me – would you be able to tell me what to type into the youtube search to find it?

  4. @Cuddles885 LOL I even tried yahoo answers.. =P i cant find it
    it really looks good on photos.

  5. @SilentFartrr I think you are talking about flares? maybe im wrong – but i wish i knew how to do that too! Can anyone help?

  6. @SilentFartrr Some kind of tracker. i wonder the same thing. think it comes automatically….somehow..

  7. my ps has no help file… pm me where I can download the help file
    hobot22 thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. why would we want to take pictures of our world, and then edit them to make such fake colors? our world is beautiful even without these edits.

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