How to import, export, use filters and effects with Movie Clip using Photoshop: Tutorial

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Even photoshop is mainly design for image editing jobs but still there is scope to edit or modify video clips using the same software though not very effectively… get through the below video and find it yourself what sort of things you can do using photoshop

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. @scaredstiffblog LOL, I was not eating but at the time I didi record in low quality and was learning to record tuts myself. I now have new channel with over 40 HD tuts at moment

    check that out for better tuts./

    or forum link i9n channel; or video details

  2. Do you suppose the man speaking could stop eating until after the video is done.

    Also I don’t know with the bloke is saying eh mate

  3. when i try to import the video, all of the quicktime files disappear. do you have any idea why? =)

  4. yeah avi’s don’t work to well with photoshop, not sure why and most likely a codec issue that adobe should of sorted. I suggest getting quicktime, even the free version works and photoshop loves quicktime and you get smaller file sizes also.

  5. They are probably trying to import avi’s because I am having that same issues with my photoshop at the moment.

  6. if you have extended version then click the small icon that is on bottom right hand corner on the animation palette (via window menu), this allows you to toggle between time line and frame animation.

  7. this really helps me alot
    my photoshop cs3 wont allow me to cut..O.O”
    i pressed the selected range only
    but my movie dont have that bar below to allow me to cut out the parts i want

    can u help me?

  8. could be a codec issue, what format are you trying to import as? if your trying avi then probably is codec, try quick time (MOV) as adobe seems to prefer. also open new document and then bring in a video layer from file via the layer menu.

  9. great tutorial dude bt i gta a problem wi mine wen i import it all the frames are blank, do u knw hw to fix this ?

  10. you can rotoscope a movie clip, yes. In fact that is what rotoscoping is, I just used that example in video to show you another thing to do with it but you can alter a movie clip frame by frame and use the onion skin also.

  11. yay! i just got my CS3 last week. 🙂 your welcome, this tutorial really help me because i’m gonna use this in my upcoming movie.

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