How to use Extract filter effectively to cut out image background: Photshop Tutorial

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Extracting background images from our favorite images always looks like a big deal for non-professional. But today in this tutorial below you will find how you can Extract filter to get out of the problem. Most of the time this works great and it is even capable to cut out sharp mix of hairs from the images. Get through the tutorial below….

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  1. @donyjaz You can download it as an plugin from their website
    Just go to google and type in extract filter download

  2. For all the painting and erasing to get it right, you could just use a layer mask instead of the history brush…
    Not surprised it was removed from CS4. It is definitely NOT the fastest or most precise way of separating elements.
    Yes I know it was 2006.
    Don’t waste your time with the plug-in.

  3. For you CS4 and CS5 folks, the Extract Filter does not come standard with your versions of Photoshop, but you can install this filter manually with a plug-in available from Adobe. Google search: Adobe Photoshop CS4 (or CS5) Optional plug-ins. You can also find these plug-ins and presets in your Goodies folder on your DVD install disc, Enjoy!

  4. watched all this video, great tutorial, thought ok lets give it a go, Opens up cs4 where the feck is the extract tool ? now im looking at all the comments FML :!

  5. Become a Photoshop pro! Learn all with best tips and tricks with these video tutorials –

  6. Thank You SOo much..your video really helped me and btw today is my second day learning by my self photoshop and it worked Thank God..SO ya your video really helped …also good job and thankz again X)

  7. @KJEboys You use screen capture software. Google> CamStudio or Hypercam2
    both are free.You then just need a microphone for the voice over.

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