Photoshop Video – Creating Gel and Glass Buttons

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How to create cool looking order now, download now buttons in Photoshop with Adobe Certified Expert Shane Goldberg

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  1. Mate, I snorted my sandwich out at your boganisms. Good PSD hints but personal touch was pure class.

  2. hey…

    nice button but how could i use this in my website? i mean, its gotta white background dosnt it. how would i use JUST the button?

    cut it out? and save it as a PNG?

  3. Nice one, step by step instructions so clear rather than us newcomers trying to follow your mouse around the screen listening to a loud grunge band from outback Detroit. Well done.

  4. Thanks so much for making this video. I’ve been wanting to learn this for so long and your tutorial was the easiest for a newbie like me.

  5. for some reason my rounded rectangle feaure is much less rounded than yours. I had to work it out with some tip i found on the first video about select modify. your tutorial was the best I’ve seen less that little roadblock.
    thank you.

  6. Yes, CTRL + Click the shape layer thumbnail to make it an active selection 😉 Hope that helps. Cheers Shane.

  7. aaa what does he say in the begining? crtl click? i dont get that! click left or right or what?? please help.

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