Powerclip in CorelDraw X3

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Powerclip in CorelDraw X3

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. Good little demo, but rather than selecting to curve one at a time around the apple its much quicker to hit the select all nodes button on the edit bar then convert to curves.

  2. edit your photos in cs make paths, delete background or whatever you don’t want
    save your photos in psd file after import to corel, you don’t need other things 🙂

  3. You need smooth the nodes for best appearance of the apple.
    Double click in the shape tool and Make Node Smooth.

  4. u have saved my life, i was so desperate and trying to do this, but thanks to people like you, others can avoid very stressing trouble

  5. si la superficie refleja la luz casi como un espejo, no creo que una sombra tan opaca quede bién allí, yo creo que lo mejor que se pudo haber hecho es duplicar la manzana, voltearla y darle un poco de transparencia 🙂


  6. I have just started watching your videos (I am just new with Corel)and they are great really easy to follow. i just wanted to say thanks not many people give something for nothing any more.

    Thanks Alex

  7. I had always regarded Coreldraw a poor cousin of Photoshop but your tutorials have made me do a quick rethink ! Thanks Alex

  8. Hola Branco. Yo estudio Diseño Industrial y en mi facultad, todos los que estudian diseño grafico utilizan ambos tipos de programas. ejemplo: “ilustrator y photoshop” o “Corel y Photoshop”. CREO yo que es importante que utilices ambos ya que se utilizan para cosas distintas.

  9. Hola, me llamo Branco, estoy interesado en empezar a estudiar Diseño Grafico aqui en España. Me gustaria saber tu opinion… ¿por cual programa crees que es mejor que yo empiece a aprender?

    …uno de vectores?¿
    …de edicion de imagenes?¿
    .. o por cualquier otro?¿

    Muchas gracias por la ayuda
    hasta luego

  10. I need to watch every video like this I can get my hands on. I bought x3, but I really had no experience using other programs before x3. I know it will do alot, but right now Im just using it to build Logo’s.LOL Can you make video clips with x3, I saw a tool for movie?

  11. not bad actually but i would use photo paint and remove the background within seconds with the magic wand tool especially with this simple picture. but i understand that you wanna show the folks how to do it within DRAW. great work anyway keep it up

  12. but the name of the video is “powerclip in coreldraw X3”, so he’s teaching us how to do it in COREL DRAW X3, not in Fotoimpressio 5, or in the Paint.

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