Problem with CorelDraw 12 installation, can anyone help?

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I am using windows XP and I have used CorelDraw 12 before and it works properly, yesterday my Corel could not work. I unistalled it and then install it again, and there are some error when installing. Following the advice of some website, I delete all registry entries with keyword Corel, and also search all files that have the word Corel. I have clean it all. and I reinstall the software.

And after i reinstall it. I try to run it and it produce error: Installation unsuccessful, although the installation process is complete.

I use the installation CD that has been successfully installed on my computer the first time (before it goes awry), and recently installed successfully on my other computer. So, the installation CD is not the problem.

I am confused about this error. Can anybody help me?

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  1. Hi, well I would just e-mail Microsoft ( and ask if you may have inadvertently deleted a file or driver during your uninstall. I have had this happen to me on a Business Documents Program and they walked me thru getting those lost files back.

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