How to make great looking userbars using photoshop: Video Tutorial

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A very simple tut on how to make great looking userbars using photoshop. Video is in HD and has voice instructions so be sure to click the HD link.

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. @RoadRageFTW once you select the visitor BRK text and chose “none” under properties of it then just change the size as shown

  2. can someone help me? i did everything that was said in the video but the font stays too big.

  3. @xXDavePCTutorialXx Its just the style of image I created, like signatures….these are called userbars usually because they’re bars that tell people what you use ie “Firefox User” or “PS3 User” etc etc

  4. @lg0027 cool thanks alot! Yea I learned this style of pop-out userbars over on some forums a while back and I think they’re sick

  5. nice man..!!! i have been searching this.. all i see is just a simple userbar.. not like you did.. gonna try this… =)

  6. well i understand that you tube only allows 10 min videos from what i heard, but you can always break your tutorials down..and have it in parts. anyhow.. im just a noob this software, i can do certain things, but other stuff im totally lost, but if it was me, i would slow it down, but thats me.. anyhow..

  7. @tfs31069 lol but once you do it for a while its normal ;P I’m actually going pretty slow in this vid compared to me now and other vids xD

  8. nice tutorial, but dam ppl, slow your asses down while making these tutorials. there is some ppl that is noobs to this program, and y’all are acting like your in a race! lol

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