Create vector drawing Shoes Creation using Coreldraw

Like the movie...rate it now

This is very interesting video how you can create a shoes illustration using CorelDraw…

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. Absolutely brilliant and so grateful for your time creating this for YouTube. You have inspired a lot of us. Wish you were my tutor!

  2. Dear Lanitta
    Congratulations for your masterpieces!
    I visited your website:it’s fantastic.
    My obsession are Shoes and my hobby is draw them!
    Thanks to your video l will start (hope soon) to experience this my passion with CorelDraw.
    I would ask you:
    Do you have any suggestions for Shoes Design ?
    and also how do you can create light effects?
    Your video is Spectacular, just too fast for a beginner like me!I wish you a great future, hoping You a Amazing and Long Career
    Good luck

  3. Can I get a copy of the final product for Inspiration?…
    …This is way better than anything I can do, for the time being. I am amazed at the possibilities around me, and continue to study art more and more to better myself.
    so, please keep posting more. I’ll keep watching.
    …Study the subjects of your interest and build an empire…

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