Locating snap to guides option in Adobe Illustrator?

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I’m just starting to work in Adobe Illustrator cs4 and I’m having a hard time finding a ‘snap to guides’ option. I don’t want to use the grid. I also don’t want to turn on ‘smart guides’. I just want to pull out a guide and beablee to snap objects to it. Is there an option like that at all? I know there’s one in corelDRAW and it seems silly for it not to be in Illustrator.
ok I see, but you’re saying there isn’t an option that would make the edges of an object snap to guides?

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  1. Go to View>Snap to Point – an object will snap to either an anchor point or a guide when you get close to it.

    Snapping is based on the position of the pointer (which will change when you are in snapping distance), not the edges of the object you are moving.

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