Best software for Magazine layout…. Does coreldraw fit for layout designing…

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I’m just starting to self publish a magazine. (Until it grows enough that I can have someone else do it.) I’ve found that CorelDRAW is good for layout of the cover and inside index page. But for the inside pages you can only work on one page at a time (unless I’m missing sometime)

I’ve also played around with Microsoft Publisher which has a newsletter layout that kinda works, with some mods.

Is there any other software that will allow me to see the pages as you would in a magazine with facing pages? That way I could layout the articles and flow them from one page to another and get the view that one would have while reading instead of having to bounce from page to page and remember if it’s a right or left page.

I’m planning on printing on 11×17 sheets with a 8 1/2 x 11 on each side. Then saddle staple the middle. I want to develop something at home that I could use to help sell ad-space and then take to a “real printer” for the final product
Here’s a link to what I’m working on
There’s no copyrite issues with the cover. I’ve gained permission from the owner. The inside cover photos are borrowed and only there as placemarkers not as a final product.

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For magazine publishing Quark Express or the Adobe Indesign are the best software… but you can also use coreldraw for page layouts and it is more flexible and have better user interface. Now to crate two facing pages just extend to page borders up to 11×17 inches and use guidelines for layouting magazine pages it will solve out your problem….

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  1. Evidently you are talking about a paper mail out magazene.
    At least tht is waht the picture says.

    That photo on the cover seems some familiar to me but not sure about that. Be sure it is not copy rite protected.

    You have programs that will get you started so keep trying.

    Getting the magazine distributed is another matter. That does take a lot of cash up front.

    Good luck.

  2. Don’t use Publisher. It sucks and it sucks big time. Should you take the publisher files to a commercial printer, you won’t save any money because they will have to redo all your work.

    For a free alternative, look at Scribus. You are limited to Linux, Mac OSX or Windows 2000 / XP. If you have that size hardware, download and give it a try.

    And, I do know that Amazon started an ePublisher division. If someone wants a certain publication, they can purchase the eDoc or the printout. Amazon would help promote you by being listed with the search engines.

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