Solution: Photoshop CS3 – CS5 stuck at Reading Preferences Application Launch Window!

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If you are Adobe Photoshop user and caught in a situation where you finds your copy of Photoshop no more going further from “Reading preferences” massages, and if it seems you that it has freezes, then you are at the right place. Here on this article I will show you the simple trick with which you can resolve this issue easily.

Adobe Photshop opening screen
Adobe Photoshop stuck at Reading Preferences

You all must be thinking that the solution to over come this issue must be very tricky, but don’t be surprised to know that you only have to hold down Ctrl+Alt+Shift while you run the Adobe Photoshop CS3 to CS5. Doesn’t it amaze you; it was the same expression I felt when after trying a lot of R&D to get a solution of this problem… and trust me… before I came over to this solution I have several times  reinstalled Adobe Photoshop. And if you also use Photoshop then you know how much irritating this job is… to just wait and watch the ongoing progress window bit by bit.

The above solution given was for Windows users but if the same happens to MAC users then you need to press Command+Option+Shift and…. let the problem gone for forever… but if it happens again repeat the same trick.

Once you press the above combinations of keys; it will ask for the confirmation to delete the Photoshop settings file just say yes….

Confirmation photoshop
Reset Photoshop settings file

Now why it occurs

Though not sure… what causes the problem… but it seems it must be related with the user profiles or the customized settings which may have been corrupted.. thus preventing the smooth running of Adobe Photoshop… isn’t?

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  1. Does not work. Never asked me to delete preferences. still freezes up at ‘Reading Preferences’. This article made no difference

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