Pictorial Video Created in Photoshop: For reference only

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If you are learning illustration or wanted to build your career in Digital Paintings then i will suggest you to watch this video. This is a collection of masterpieces around the world which will give you some wonderful ideas…

Special Images from Artist: MU-Flaviok-Jocko-NekhbetSun-Valerie Ducom-Louly-Madame-colas-RCQ-Wile1-Robo, music from Gun N’Roses Video from MU

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. Chanson sublime et ajencée de beautées “Tu me connais la joie que j’ai dans mon coeur pour ce genre de video. Bravo à tous les Artistes car ils ont quelques chose à dire et laisser le sentiment de leurs déboires et détresses en oeuvres d’Art MICKEYRONY

  2. so sad a talented and Great Women is gone dreamin she live in Rendero she`s always in my Heart

  3. Quand quelques artistes se rencontrent, le monde de la beauté s’exprime ! Excellent Mu !

  4. Uma combinação magnifica entra as imagens e a música, que só um grande talento poderia produzir.Excelent

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