Tips to Speed Up Your Computer – Photoshop – Illustrator – Games or Internet Browsing

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DONT USE INTERNET EXPLORER!!! READ HERE. This video explains how to speed up your computer for general internet surfing as well as programs such as Photoshop and streaming video and games. I didnt have time to mention in the video, Dont use Internet Explorer!!!! Its very slow and allows adware and trojans into your computer making it even slower. Use Opera or Firefox. Both are much faster browsers and they dont have a huge corperate sponsor like Microsoft to pay them to leave backdoors for theyre little nasties to get in. Funny, but not a joke. Also, I didnt get a chance to mention, Windows Firewall is crap. Turn it off, its not doing any good anyway. Get a good firewall like “Zone Alarm” or “Comodo” (Both Free) and run it with your “Avast! On access Scanner” thats included with the Avast! download (also free). TIP: Never click the “Always Allow” or “Remember this setting” for your “Windows Installer” when Zone Alarm or Comodo asks. This would allow any program (including automatic virus installers) that wants to install itself to have full permission from your firewall to install itself. When your installing something, you can click “Allow” but the “Always Allow” setting is for things like your browser trying to get to the internet, your Avast!, maybe your Yahoo messenger, and things of that nature, only. This will keep your computer very protected from almost anything other than cookies……As long as you keep them updated…..Dont forget to update your antivirus

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. @firegirl2727 Your very welcome. BTW everyone, this works extremely well for the new miniature laptop NETBOOKS which are normally a single core 1.6-2.0MHZ processor and 1GB RAM.

  2. Thanks so much…ive got a small laptop but this still helped ^_^ I barly had any RAM to begin with…

  3. 😀 Yeah i do know on what im talking dont worry and yes Comodo is really a good firewall too 🙂

  4. I understand completely, and Im just here to help those who are having problems, which you obviously are not, LOL. But I have two computers on vista, If you would try shutting down windows firewall and try “Comodo next to “Ävast! for just a couple of months, (just the firewall, not the rest of it, thats what avast is for) I think you would be very satisfied. Its kinda hard to get going at first, but you sound like you know what your talking about…..I doubt you would have any problems.

  5. And sorry again but thank for your respect im not here to spam mate 🙂 I just wanna know more about what you said so 🙂

  6. And If you had made me mad, I would have just deleted your comments. I respect your opinion, LOL brainwashed or not……JK. But seriously, if your not cursing me or leave stupid spam, then Im always interested in what people have to say.

  7. And again, Im only trying to explain that Microsofts Firewall, ANY MICROSOFT FIREWALL they put out, is selective. It IS going to let stuff through because people….rich people….pay for it. You wont get that from a good Non Windows firewall, and there are some good ones that protect just as good and better……..And being able to surf where ever I want (porn or other) without worries is the whole point,…isnt it?…I decide what goes on my computer, not microsoft…..but thats my opinion.

  8. Well what the thing of talking about having 1 virus per 1 year ? Look many expert got this per year and they didnt surf in porn website and they know more than you. Windows Firewall XP suck because he is only inbound but the Vista one its didnt because its got outbound + inbound + protection again malware so yeah its maybe not the best but its really good. 😀 i dont wanna get you mad i just wanna talk you know this ? Talking is not the same but i got the same opinion for the anti virus.

  9. Im not going to waste my time explaining to someone who thinks they know better, get a little more experience with different setups and then argue your point, until then, Have a good time deleting emails that you never signed up for, clearing your internet options to speed up your I.E., and if your getting more than one virus per year, well….I guess You have a nice day………Thanks

  10. This only shows the bred mind of the Microsoft Zombie Generation. No Firewall that comes with Windows (any Windows) is good, the reason being, it automatically lets in cookies and trackers from companies that pay microsoft to let them watch your surfing habits. These arent viruses, but when you let hundreds of them invade your computer it does slow it down alot eventually. I.E. is one of the slowest browsers out there, the reason being…..again….Comercialized tracking.

  11. Avast! is reall a good anti virus so yeah 1 point for this. Windows Firewall of Vista has outbound inclued so its mean inbound and outbound + protection for unknown files so its way better than the xp one so yeah its dont suck so -1 point for this. Internet Explorer isnt bad but i can say Firefox or Safari as second browser could be great so yeah another -1 point. Well mate you need to know more a bit 😀 Bye and have a nice day.

  12. Agreed, if you have so little of a life that all you can do for fun is make fun of people’s old computers, you’re a total fag.

  13. True….Avast scans, Though a little aggrivating sometimes, are very thorough. And when run with Ad-Aware and SpyBot S&D, they take care of almost everything that might infect a computer these days.

  14. This is an old video and that was an old computer, and before you call someone else a noob, know that 1.5 GB of RAM is lame and tiny these days. Im running 8GB of RAM on an ASUS Cross Hair…….Get a Life.

  15. Avast has an On-Access Scanner, Which runs while you are online and stops most all viruses and malware before it even gets into your computer and, when paired with “Zone Alarm” or “Comodo”, which stops access to your computer by most all applications until you give them permission. will generally take care of your computer better than many single virus protections/firewalls………So yes.

  16. Sounds like a registry problem, maybe.
    You can try to go to a restore point ( Start/All Programs/Acessories/System Tools/System Restore)….If you dont have a restore point you might go F8 at startup and try to boot with the last good settings….If that doesnt work and if you did the registry backup with Eusing Registry Cleaner, then try restoring your registry backup. And if you dont have that, then You may have to reload or recover windows……Burn important files to CD first.

  17. when i set up a scan with avast. it said some file was infected. it couldn’t repair so i deleted it. now my computer is slow and i can’t open my web browsers. what should i do. pls help

  18. omg its annoying that every single time i wanna do something that comodo ask’s to allow changes

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