Strange Font Problem: Indesign crashes on editing or modifying text content

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Indesign crash
Indesign crash

Hi Guys! Today I am here to discuss a very strange problem, I have faced the first time in Indesign.

The problem was with a word file I have received from one of my client, having some phonetic characters. Though there was nothing wrong, when I import that word file to Indesign but once I try to edit that, it crashed. Even several retires also does not yield any positive result.
Here I have also found that I edit that word file in Preview mode (using the shortcut key W or from View>Screen mode> preview) nothing goes wrong but as soon as I press the W again to swtich over the normal mode… Indesign crashes immediately.

Whatever effort I was using to fix the problem seems to be wasted, as our whole team was not able to figure out the problem causing this crash.

Does any one of have came across such a situation before… and do you know the solution or you can say the reason for this mishap was very simple or you can say nothing…
The font which the client has provided in which he wants the book to be layout,

have a font called Nayla which does not support the phonetic font style…. And this is why everytime we want to edit the imported word file… because of unavailability of the phonetic character, it does not display the font properly and Indesign crashes.

Now, the only solution we have found to overcome this issue was to change the font of the complete book once in a font which have all the variants (bold, italic or bold italic) and then using the word file to find where the phonetic characters are.

Though the above solution is not very catchy but we — all our team was not able to come out with a better solution… if, in case any one of you already faced this problem and have come out with a better solution then plz do mention in the comment section it will help us all a lot. Thanx…


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