Tips for Designing Postcards for the Holidays

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Holidays are the perfect time to send warm greetings and good wishes to people you know. There is nothing more special that mailing them Holiday postcards that you designed yourself. You need not to be a professional graphic designer to design your own postcards. Below are tips that can help you in your postcard design project:

* Layout: Determine where you will place your postcard’s text and images to keep all the design elements in order. The way you position the text and images affects the over-all look of your postcards. Experiment with different layouts until you find the one that works for you. Check out postcard designs online to get your needed design inspiration. You can also mimic other postcard designs and try to make it your own. * Graphic Design: With all the design software available like Photoshop, CorelDraw, and Adobe Illustrator, designing your postcards is very convenient. Look for tutorials online to guide you in designing your own postcards. Get postcard designs inspiration from sample works online to help you with your postcard’s design.

* Color: Colors have the ability to set a mood or emotion, so make sure to use the colors that are perfect for the occasion. Stick to contrasting colors to achieve a good color combination. Refer to the color wheel to know what colors look good when paired with each other.

* Text: Choose a legible font style and avoid using more than two fonts. Experimenting with stylish fonts may be tempting, but you should always remember not to go overboard in using font different styles for your postcard design. Crowding your postcard with different font styles won’t do your design any good. You wouldn’t want to communicate the wrong messages, because of fonts that are difficult to read.

Once you’re done designing your own Holiday postcards, you can head to a reputable online printer that offers high-quality postcard printing services. Seeking help from a top-quality online printing company is guaranteed to give you vibrant and professional-looking postcards.

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