Tips to Copy and Paste command in Indesign CS6 CS5 CS4

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At this blog.. I have already published many article on how to tips… but today’s article how to use the copy and paste command effectively.

Copying and Pasting the object:
As we all know Ctrl+C and Ctrl +V is the one of the basic command for copying and pasting object respectively in every software… but in Indesign, though, copy command is the same but you can use the pasting command in several ways.

  • Paste (Ctrl +v): the first one as we all know can be used to place any copied object to the visible area.
  • Paste without formatting (Ctrl + Shift + V) : This command is used with a text selection. When you need to paste a text into a text frame but want that the text being pasted leave out the formatting properties from where it is copied, merging with the properties of paragraph text where it need to be paste. For example if you are copying a text having normal properties and pasting into a text frame having bold or italic using Ctrl + Shift + v command then it will be automatically have bold or italic properties.
  • Paste Into (Ctrl + Alt + V): This command is used to paste any image or group of object with in a container frame or into any shape object.paste
  • Paste in Place ( Ctrl+Alt+Shift+v): This command is one of my favorite command, as very often I need to copy and paste several object from one page and need to paste them over another page but without loosing the position. I also apply this command to paste guideline from one page to another retaining its original position.

So, you have learned that there are several ways to paste any text or object in Indesign. Now learn how you can paste an object to the perfect center of the page. As may be you have noticed that when you normally paste an object to a page, it generally pasted in the center of visible area. So if any how you manage the visible area to the whole page, the object you paste will be in the center. To do so go to View > Fit Page in Window (Command + 0) and then Paste (Command + V) and notice the result… have you ever performed such a trick..?

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  1. When I use the paste in place command in InDesign it pastes multiple copies. No one has been able to tell me how to prevent this. do you know?

    • @Lucy I have just checked this issue in Indesign CS3 and CS6 but does not find any issue with Paste in Place command. SO do you clarify which version you are using or do you tried that file on any other system… I just think this may because of your system problem… However I would love to help you… if you come with the details…

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