Tutorial Corel Draw X4 3d Text

Like the movie...rate it now

Tutorial Corel Draw X4 3d Text

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. @converse541 no man
    the ration btw corel and photoshop is
    4.70 : 4.50
    corel is much bigger then photoshop
    but photoshop is famous cause it was made before and adobe is behind it
    i will prefer corel draw
    photoshop is only 1
    but there are many software in corel draw
    corel painter
    corel tracer,
    corel draw
    etc etc,,

  2. @converse541 if you’ll make a signature for forum, it really doesnt matter you use photoshop or coreldraw because it doesnt need high resolution in the future. So you can use which program you want, if you are good at photoshop use it with some plugins. Coreldraw is really a professional software, we cant limit it to be used to create a logo. You can use it for many purposes such as publishing, magazine creation, web graphics, graphics on vehicles, advertising-adverts, etc..

  3. @selant07: can i ask u a few questions?
    1st) when creating a signature for forum, which 1 is prefer to use?
    2nd) is coreldraw use to make logo only?

  4. @converse541 photoshop is pixel based (bitmap), coreldraw is vector based. It means when you enlarge an image in photoshop, there will get blurred, but when you enlarge a vector based image it will keep the quality no matter what size it is. Thats why a logo should be created vector based such as using CorelDraw or Freehand or Adobe Illustrator, etc..

  5. @maykolss96 auke sea texto?
    eso es raro men
    podria ser un aspecto del rendimiento de tu hardware

  6. mira pana cuando voy a extrujar o extrucion del texto me sale y qe el objeto es muy complejo qe ago en ese caso?

  7. OK, let’s do a compromise…

    On one hand, you do the pathetic “for punk folk” approach.

    On the other, you take your creative ability and make a tutorial without the music and explain as a human what you are doing.

    Or am I fishing in a cesspool?

  8. great line -Power chords C F G-Long as people like you put videos like this on YOU TUBE depraved ol’ gits like me get to update the braincells! Yer right- Punk is not dead- society IS and needs a kick up the backside but the banjo fade is good too-shame about yer intro but it goes with the whole thing!!! Now I can get to grips with my Coral program! I’ll ave to to go some tho!!

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