Using CorelDraw’s Transform Pick or Move tool: CorelDraw Tutorial

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This is the simple Beginner tutorial for CorelDraw on how to use CorelDraw’s Pick or Move tool. CorelDraw Pick or Move is the most used tool for any purpose you do in CorelDraw. So to get started with this tutorial follow the steps given…

1. As we all know to get started we first have to open Corel DRAW… so just open it by selecting CorelDraw from the start menu.

2. Now Choose the Rectangle tool from the Left side of Coreldraw windows as marked in red in the below pic. The green circle is the pick or move tool for which we discussing today.

3. Now create a rectangle using the rectangle tool. To do so just click and drag the mouse cursor to desired need… note here if you drag the mouse cursor with the ctrl button pressed it will maintain the proportion… thus keeping the ration maintained best if you want to create a square.

4. Now select Pick Tool (marked with green circle).

5. Click anywhere outside the rectangle. It will get deselected and once again if you click over it…. then it will be selected again.


6. Now if you want to move it just move your cursor to anywhere between the square and the cursor icon will transform into a plus like sign. Now Click and drag it anywhere you want.

Hope this is what you were looking for…now in the next article here you will find how the pick tool is used to stretch or rotate any object in Coreldraw.

How to use pick tool to stretch or Rotate an object in CorelDraw: CorelDraw Beginner tutorial

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