Using the Wacom Bamboo in CorelDraw

Like the movie...rate it now This tutorial will show you how to use the Wacom Bamboo Tablet in drawing an illustration in CorelDraw. Explore the power of the artistic media of CorelDraw. The procedure in this tutorial will also work even if you do not have a Wacom Tablet. Tutorial is recommended for graphic artists (35 min)

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. @BoomCarrot Anime IS art. I happen to enjoy drawing it but if you aren’t interested in anime, that’s fine by me. I’m not one to tell you your opinion is wrong.

  2. @lumpycereal are you kidding me?…anime is so generic…and im glad this guy drew a coffee mug its a nice change from all the fan art crap that everyone draws with their tablets…or all the anime “OC’s” that people draw which is ironic cus its technically not original if youre using someone else’s style…why dont you do something really original and do some actual art

  3. @IKillerPieI The one I’m interested in is the “wacom bamboo fun” it can be found on amazon and best buy. Hope that helps! 🙂

  4. Can you give me a link to where you got that tablet?
    Or just tell me the tablet name? Like the full name.

  5. Nice, but it would be easier to watch if you were talking little more interesed into this…my opinion 😉

  6. gah, that camera angle on your hand is so disorienting Dx

    next time get an over the shoulder shot of your hand, wouldn’t feel so weird to watch

  7. @NightSniper2008 of course you can, corel draw can do a lot more than illustrator.

  8. does anyone have any tip on this problem: In a shop artikel that the (new) slimline widescreen tablet has a pressure level of 1024 and is very precise. but on the internet the people advise for precise work use bamboo. Which one must i choose?

  9. do you have good control with the bamboo ? I mean i have a very old tablet in which you can’t draw exactly the line you want… I can’t explain it any better but it’s like you want to draw a 60° of angle line and you draw a 30° line…
    To sum up…Drawing in this is close to as easy as you draw on paper?

  10. Awesome.

    Can I use the Wacom pen in CorelDraw to draw on a picture in order to create vector?

    Instead of using Adobe Illustrator.

  11. Small 5×3 area, but it’s very big enough to draw, in CRT/widescreen. Bes tthing about this no more batteries it has a recharger in the pen.

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