Vector Logos are Important… But… where to find them

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In graphic designing for printing purpose it is very important to have all the logos and other stuffs like background, text matter should be in vector format expect the real time pictures as it very important to maintain the best quality while it goes for the final printing.
But it is not always necessary to have the real logos of the client but what provided is the scanned image and then the real problem comes as these scanned logos must be recreated. Though for small organisations it is the sole solution to convert/recreate or trace them before you go for the printing… but for the big firms it is not always remains the same…
As very recently i have to redraw a logo of the Google Chrome but as you can find it that it have very vibrant colours which looks like an 3d logo so converting it into vector format was a very tough job though not impossible… but is that only solution then I look over the Internet and finally came to a site where hundreds of logos are stored… and that one is though this is only the single site but I will try to keep updates where you can find the Vector logos and if any one you knows any other site plz do mention it in the comment forum as it will help others…

You can also look on the following site to get a lot of VECTOR logo of various comapnies

Vector Icons Logos n Brochures

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