Vector Metal Icon Buttons: Illustrator Tutorial!

Like the movie...rate it now

Check this video out at Hi-Res here: Create these nice little metal buttons that can also be used as icons. Everything we make in this video is 100% vector so it can be used virtually anywhere! Check out for more great video tutorials!

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. @DGNY76 I was being serious. Thanks dude, I am a real Illustrator newb, so that’s why I didn’t have a clue what it was.

  2. @Cha0SSSSSS
    In case you are serious.
    Simply said….
    Vector is a code based file. ( bitmap=pixel file)
    Advantage of vector based files is that you can
    increase the file size without losing quality.

  3. Awesome tutorial, quick question

    instead of creating the new layer with the shine on it, why couldnt you just keep the shine itself on the same layer you were working on, just put it at the top. And then put your content right under the shine layer? wouldnt that be the same effect

    just curious, thanks!

  4. Superb tutorial. What I don’t understand is that you made this in 640 x 480. How do you then from this produce the 24 x 24 and then 32 x 32 png’s

  5. do you know 3d studio max? why lose your time whit illustrator
    if you need a 3d button made that in 3d software
    not in vectors software

    so bad tutorial man

  6. In CS3, it is impossible to adjust the angle of the metal (03:00)??? Anyone know how to do this?

  7. Great tutorial…as always, thanks.
    However what was the point of the ellipse added at 6:12 whether this sub layer was turned on or off it made no difference that I could see in mine.

  8. Did you know there is no need to write down the gradient numbers you like. Once you see the gradient on the left color indicator drag it over to the swatch pallet. Once there you can use the same gradient fill on any object. Make and drag many types of gradient into the swatch pallet if doing lots of metal shading for a unique look.

  9. this means ur a noob, all you hav to do is go to flash, open this icon , convert it into a button and ther u go !!

  10. All you do, as soon as your done export it as a png, put it in candybar and change the icon (if your on a mac)

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