How to make a video without a camera using Photoshop

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Video Editing and (Video Editing) Camtasia and (Camtasia) Photoshop and (Photoshop) alex jeffreys (alex jeffreys) maria andros (maria andros) Paul Livingston video on how to make a video without a camera using Camtasia and Photoshop. Video editing.

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  1. “im not reading of any notes”
    later u hear he is turning 2 next page in a bloc.

  2. can someone help me? everytime i record photoshop using my tablet, the pressure thing goes away (push harder bigger brush, push softer smaller brush) plz reply

  3. oh my… my first ever video ever….:)

    oops I will edit that out later too 🙂

    I sure hope you your sense of humor continues.. we all need one with what we do 🙂

  4. LOL, This video is funny but so real to life instead of being over the top professional. It is just entertaining to watch and listen and makes me laugh every time. Some times real to life works better then other the top expensive in this case it does ROFL 😀

  5. Awesome, Paul. Hilarious and yet, I did learn a bit about creating different text…lol

  6. Oh god! this is so funny!!! I’m still cracking up. I wish you could make one as funny for the website I advertise.
    Let me know how much you’ll charge me, lol, I’m serious.

  7. What I love is that, for once, an online marketer is being a REAL PERSON!… instead of all the phonies you usually meet… (oh, I’ll edit that out later.)

  8. Paul … recommends of ISOR likes your video … especially the edit comments … regards … Ken

  9. Paul. Huh, what can one say? That was awfully hilarious! I did not learn anything. But I really enjoyed this. You wont win any Academy award for your video skills. Like what was said above, you give hope too. Maybe I can make videos just like you one day. In fact, i think I am at your level now!! Not sure what Alex would say about this!! Cant wait for the next video. :0)

  10. Hi Paul: I must say, I am a little confused… was this video meant to be funny? You mentioned many times that you needed to edit stuff out but it is still there!!??!?! If you’re struggling getting camtasia to work correctly there are a lot of videos here in You Tube that could be helpful. If you need help, let me know. I look forward to seeing your next video. Failing Forward Fast is what will make us successful…

  11. lol, Paul, Annette R here…only used this ID so u could see what I was referring to that day I Pm’d u in AF conference…but since it didn’t work out so good…I really should get rid of this ID and get a new one.
    You certainly do have a lot of editing to do! In fact, if u did all the editing u said u need to do…ths vid would only be 3 or 4 min. instead of 8! Coulda saved me some of my monthly data allowance that I use up too quickly, lol. 😛
    And yes… you give us all hope. 🙂

  12. You Livingston, Jerry here.

    I gotta thank you for keeping my name out

    But it is damn funny

  13. Hey Paul.. got it done, I am still working on mine. Like the adjectives throughout they are authentic…great stuff.
    Cheers..Paul Mracek

  14. Wow, what a great video on how to make a video without a camera using camtasia and photoshop! Best I’ve seen yet!

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