Ways of Splitting linked text frame apart in Indesign CS3 – CS6

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However, there is Adobe Indesign’s latest version CS6 have been released which has too many added features compared to its older versions… but even being so not every body have the latest version at their end and still using the old version like Adobe Indesign CS3. Me too… using the same version… oppsssss!

So we are here to discuss how we can break the two linked text frame in Indesign CS3.

Find the step by step procedure given below to learn how can be the two consecutive linked text frame splits.

  1. First of all you have to open the script panel using Windows>Automation>Scripts.
    Script manager
  2. Now form the script panel window opened click on user and then click on top right corner drop down arrow (notice this is very small bullet type icon) and from the drop down panel click on the “Reveal in Explorer” menu.
    Script Panel Reveal in explorer
  3. Surprised to find that the explore window opened is empty. It should be as the script you need that should be there you need to download from the link here which is in zip format and extract to the Script Panel folder from explorer window. As soon as you copy this to the Script Panel window you will notice a new menu as Story Splitter vr. 3.

    Story Splitter for Indesign CS3
  4. Once the script installed; select any frame you want to split and double click on the script… it will display a menu asking you what action it will take. Split all frame or split frame before or after the selected text frame.
    Split text frame: select the desired action
  5. This is all.
  6. Though if your choice is split all frames then do you know there is already an inbuilt script embed in Indesign CS3, you can locate it in the same Script Panel Menu into Application >Samples > Javascript > SplitStory.jsx.
  7. You can use the same technique in Indesign CS5 to find the same result.

Hope you have liked the tutorial today… be ready to find a new trick or technique in tomorrows article.

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