Web design or Maya… Which is better and easier to learn? Which will offer a bright future?

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i am interested into animation but the confusion is that what course must i take up first and how is the scope of both these…?
the web designer course consists of.
1. flash
4.coreldraw illustrator
6.image magic
7.basic art
and a few more…

or must i just do MAYA and photoshop…?

please please please help me with this …. i am really confused

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  1. It really depends what you mean by animation..

    If you want animations like an animation of a character and such, do basic art and flash.

    If you want animations as in objects, then photoshop can be good for skinning and yeah maya is what you want..

    But Maya is very hard to learn just to warn you, it’s 3D obviously so it’s harder.

    I’d recommend you do flash and get good at that first, it’s fun for animations.

  2. only thing in web design course.. that deals with animation.. is … flash

    i’d go maya..

    plus.. you can always self teach on web design.

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