What advantage does Photoshop have over CorelDraw?

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What are the major differences between the two. And also, which is better for designing background images? If not photoshop nor coreldraw, which software is best for designing backgrounds. Thank you


The below answer from Puppy is some how correct for some extent but not actually. Though it is true that both has different basics as one is the image based while another is raster based editor but none of them are complete for any graphic designer separately. As page Layout designing can only be done in the Coreldraw while it background may or may not depend upon your expertise can be created in both Photoshop or coreldraw but what i prefer if i need to create the textured background then i prefer Photoshop but it makes the file size huge. And for Image correction there is no any other tool better than CorelDraw.

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  1. dear friend,

    your level knowledge is very poor about graphics!

    how can you compare photoshop and coral?

    photoshop is “raster base” software and used for image editing and web (majorly use in digital media )
    work with RGB colors

    coral draw is a vector base software and majorly use in print media
    work with CMYK colors


    you can’t compare these, each one have it’s own power.

    for your purpose, use PHOTOSHOP for best results

    there are tons of softwares on internet for image editing and background designing but photoshop is enough for you 🙂

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