What dpi do I need for printing high quality color graphics?

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I am creating some vector art using CorelDraw and need to print on cards. Would 600 x 600 dpi be good enough (color laser) or do I need more dpi?


600 pixels by 600 pixels would make a fairly decent two inch by two inch image.  But, not much larger.

I think you are mixing up two different measurements.  DPI, (or more properly, in this instance, PPI) is a measure of how much detail is in an image.  In a typical home printer situation, an image that has a resolution of, say, 300 pixels per inch (PPI) the results would be pretty good.  600 PPI would be better.

However, the way you expressed the question, if an image has measurements of only 600 pixels by 600 pixels, if you were to print it at 300 PPI, as I said, it would only come out about two inches by two inches.

So, PPI is a measure of how much detail is in the image.  The 600 X 600 figure is a measure of how many total pixels are in the image.

Lets do this backwards, to see if this gives you a better idea.  If you had that 600 by 600 PPI image, and printed it, say, four inches by four inches, the PRINTED image would only be at a resolution of 150 ppi. (600 divided by four)  At this resolution, one might be able to pick out each individual pixel with the naked eye.  If the print was made at eight inches by eight inches, each pixel would be stretched out and enlarged even further.  The resolution of this eight inch picture would be only 75 PPI. (600 divided by eight)

Have I lost you, or, do you understand?

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  1. Hi MK

    The 600 dpi is more than adequate. It is the printer that decides and even if you choose 300dpi, you cna ouput at 600 dpi and get the same result.

    When I print any Magazines at 300 dpi, it is printed on a press that ouputs at 1200 to 4800 dpi. That is what makes the difference, not your 600 dpi.
    Test it for yourself and see.

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