What is the best open-source vector-based drawing program?

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What is the best open-source vector-based drawing program?
I can’t afford Illustrator, so I had been using an old version of CorelDraw (ver. 7). I can’t find my CorelDraw 7 CD and I need to reinstall Windows on my computer. Is there an open-source program that is good?

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  1. if illustrator is absolutely not an option, then try to find an older version of macromedia’s freehand. the tools are a little different from illustrator, but nothing drastic.

  2. Gimp is the best open source all encompasing grahic editor.


    Inkscape is most popular for those who using alternatives to Illustrator or Corel Draw. I’ve tried it and I’d recommend it over Xara open source.


    Nvu is for graphic design and Web Design


    Synfig is a good open source program for vector animation.


    Blender is more popular with the software developers as a 3D vector and modeling programme.


    Also, if you ever want a full desktop publishing suite that does essentially everything the Quark does (since you are already familiar with Corel Draw) try Scribus. Their output is just as professional…


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