What is the trick behind the increasing the resolution of the image to be used in the posters D’load from net?

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I know the manipulation of resolution using the adobe photoshop but I feel there is some trick which is used to increase the Res. More effectively. B’coz the images in the big big hoardings are huge which are unable to capture from any high resolution camera, but even it is possible. How? If anyone knows this plz help me B’coz its helps in my profession, being as I am a Graphic Designer.

Thank Guys


Most images on the net are either jpg or gif.  First of convert them to bmp using the “Paint” accessory in your “Accessories”  where you find the Notepad and calculator.  You can do this, very simply, by copying and pasting the image into Paint, then doing “save as” and selecting bmp as the type to save the image as.

As you know the resolution of bmp is higher than that of jpg or gif, so, you’re already one step ahead there.

Now import the image to Photoshop, select all and use the “Sharpen” option.  Save this new sharpened image and repeat the exercise till you have the sharpest image.

Now go to the pixels option and increase the pixel count.

You’ll have the highest resolution image created with a little bit of repetition.

Trust this resolves the issue.



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