What software can I use to crop (trim) photos effectively. What is the use of Corel Trace and Photo Paint.?

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Please if possible I need a little details on how to crop photos. Now I used Shape Tool in CorelDraw. Is there a better way of doing it? Corel Trace or Photo Paint.


In Corel Photo Paint, the third tool from the top is the crop tool.  It looks like a square with the upper left and lower right lines extended and a diagonal line from lower left to upper right.  Click on it, use it to make a rectangle on your photo, move the squares at the side of the rectangle to adjust the crop to the exact size and position you want, push enter (the key below the backspace on your keyboard).  If you don’t like the results, click Edit , Undo Crop… and do it again.

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  1. One possible way is to use GIMP(it’s free). It’s actually a program that offers total image manipulation – not just cropping.

    It’s mainly a Linux/Unix program, but is available for Windows as well. A Mac version may also be available, though I’m not sure about that.

    I’ve used GIMP to crop and reduce some images for use as an avatar on some forums.

    Hope I provided some guidance toward your exact needs.. (Don’t know about Corel Trace or Photo Paint though.)

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