Whats The Best Program CorelDraw or Adobe?

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i’m trying to find a easy program to learn so i can create logo’s for my crew members any ideas on whats the best one..

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  1. Corel Draw is good for poster’s, logos and such official work,

    while adobe is the one which helps in creativity!

    Corel is monotonous…but will help you great deal in making logo’s.

  2. In my professional opinion Adobe InDesign is the best for creating logos. CorelDraw is a raster graphics program.

  3. Well some say corelDraw and some say Adobe and some say photo brush and i say which is easy for u..

  4. Adobe Photoshop is probably the industry standard. I work for a creative agency, and we never use anything but Photoshop.Corel Draw is good, but there’s a much smaller number of users. There’s no point in being contrary – Photoshop is used by professionals, Corel less so.

  5. Adobe is more professional and easier to integrate in the professional world. From my side of the monitor, CorelDraw is thought of as something people at home use. Most professional media companies won’t use CorelDraw files because they’re usually created by people at home trying to be a graphic designer.

  6. coreldraw is great. all in one package and adobe has photoshop and several other new products. adobe is the mercedes benz of graphic arts but coreldraw is excellent. i dunno. have used them both. i dunno what to tell you. i think you probably should start with coreldraw and if you show great talent and interest consider adobe products. maybe.

  7. Both of the above pieces of software are good for graphics design and editing.

    From a professional view, i would advise that Adobe Photoshop would be better than Corel Draw.

    ~ Mike

  8. I think it would be adobe!!! Hehe…However, In terms of operation it’s complicated…*That’s what i think*

  9. Adobe is a company, not a software product. That said, Adobe produces products that are used at the professional level. Corel does not. CorelDraw is not used in professional environments because the Postscript code it produces is a little…strange and unreliable. If you’d ever imported a Corel file into a professional workflow for editing, you’d know what I mean.

    If you want to produce logos, Photoshop is a great tool, but it’s far from simple. CorelDraw is a better choice for consumers.

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