When I create a Graphic image in CorelDraw 11?

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I am saving it in my Files.
But when I tried to open it, ( The Graphic or edited photo),
again the CorelDraw file is opening and then only, the Image or edited photo are coming.
(A link between corelDraw and the Image or edited photo)
It is also the same with Photoshop 7
Please tell that I want MY Image or Edited photo only, without a connection to Photoshop or CorelDraw
sir, is it possible ?


This can only happen if you have saved all your files in the native coreldraw format i.e. *.cdr extension try to export this in jpeg format from the file menu or using Ctrl+E then in the file types choose JPG or something else according to your needs.

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  1. Cannot happen.

    An operating system does not display a picture. A program displays the picture, so something has to open and then open the picture.

    You can use a simpler program that opens the picture faster, like Irfanview. Irfanview will also let you View, Full screen so there is no window border, scrollbar, or menubar.

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