Which version of photoshop should I get for animation and digital art

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I’m pretty much inexperienced with PS and I’d like to know which version would suit my needs best.

Basically, the only form of PS I ever got was a Elements 3 which I got free with my graphics tablet. I do realise that Elements is more photo-enhancing and minor touch-ups and etc and it wasn’t a huge help with me since I initially wanted PS to do some digital art. Though, it did do the trick, more or less but I had to settle with inking without the pen tool and struggle about with the brush tool. >.< Needless to say ctrl + Z was very much overused when I drew.

Basically, now, I’d like to know what version of PS would suit me best. I would like to use PS to do digital art (anime and normal style) as well as some photo-editing, when I feel like it.

Thanks. =3


Buy whatever suits you from CS2 to latest once CS5….. all of them feature rich for the work you are looking for….

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. i still use cs2, its magnificent. most will say cs4 with all the advancements, but i think its too confusing.

  2. cs2 is still great and easy to use. I personally use cs3, it is a bit diferent than cs2 but it is allot better. but the newest one is cs4

  3. WAIT!!!

    In 9 days CS5 is coming out!!!!

    Newer is better, and that is a fact!!!

    it have more options, and most of the times it is faster and more comfi to use…

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