Why can’t professional graphic softwares make real vectors with transparent background while OpenOffice can?

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Isn’t it crazy? The most professional softwares are unable to perform vectorization with real transparent background so that we can paste the object into eg. a website as we saved it without interfering the background color. I’m a CorelDraw user, but as far as I know PhotoShop can’t perform this operation in an easy way either. And the joke is that a free software: OpenOffice Draw can make it by standard with the greatest ease. Why do think it is so? And how could I make real vectors with a professional graphic software in a simple way, am I just too dumb to find out how?
I never used Photoshop, but everyone i know says its the best graphic software for webdesign. As I stated earlier I’ve been using CorelDraw since I was a child, but CD cannot vectorize properly. Most of all, I was talking about creating oval or rounded buttons.

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  1. Um first off …photoshop isn’t a vector program, and secondly, Illustrator which is vector has been doing it for years.
    When you know what you are talking about … make a statement until then … don’t say a word.

  2. Use adobe Illustrator. Photoshop by the way isnt a vector program. I am a CAD designer, and dont use either program very often, but the answer you seek is Illustrator.

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