Why is CorelDRAW preferred in some graphic activities such as shop signs instead of illustrator?

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I’m 3 years experienced graphic designer I’ve always worked with adobe software. Recently I worked in a studio where the main software is coreldraw. The boss used to say corel was better.

Illustrator and coreldraw are both vectorial software, can someone tell me in which kind of different graphic activities are preferred and why?

english it’s not my first language I hope to have expressed myself clear.


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  1. Actually, there really wasn’t much of a reason, other then Corel Draw was cheaper and more popular, and included a TON of clip art (so much, they had included a BOOK (not a booklet, a BOOK) to document what’s available, and it’s as good as illustrator when it comes to the smaller stuff.

    Illustrator was a high end product, like Adobe Photoshop, but with no low-end version available. Corel was basically able to dominate the low-end market I mean, when Illustrator is for $595 (MSRP, in 1990), and Corel will sell you CorelDraw! for $299, which one would you buy, esp. when the latter comes with a ton of clipart you can immediately use in any project?.

    By 2004 or so, the price pressure is even higher. Adobe Creative Suite is $899, but Corel Suite is $399, plus free Wacom tablet offer, and more


    I don’t really think Corel is actually BETTER in terms of technical capability, but it’s certain more popular among the more… common users.

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