Will Oceanography match with any of these graphic designing courses?

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I am planing to be a marine biologist.
But am interested in graphic designing too,….
can anyone please tell me which of these programs will match this career?
-Macromedia Fireworks
-Adobe Illustrator

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. i have never heard of any of these except for coreldraw and even that i do not know alot about it but i would say it is just from the name of it if there happens to be like trials for these programs you may want to try it

  2. programs don’t match careers. for design you will need to know pixel based programs like photoshop plus vector based programs like coreldraw or illustrator. Pagemaker is good for combining text and images. Knowledge of such programs will in oceanography only help you to prepare images for your papers and I used pagemaker for my thesis. But you’ll need more than one whatever you’ll do.

    Generally you will eventually have to decide for one or the other career. Scientific illustration is the only field I can think of which has room for both. But as long as you are an undergrad you might as well take whatever you can as long as you can keep your grades up. So take whatever classes you like, but don’t get stuck on a specific program.

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