Working with strecthed Rectangles and round corners in CorelDraw

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You must be wondering “is there really anything new with Rectangles in CorelDraw”. As we all know they  are simply use to create straight fills or outlines or creating round corner of a square or rectangle; to do round only we have to select a corner and then have to move it right or left. But trust me there is lot more than what we can do with rectangles. Doesn’t understand let me describe.

Till now to create a Round Rectangle you have used Node tool but what will you do when on the rectangle you wish to create round corner have been converted to curves or you have stretched the original rectangle… Now doesn’t it seems you a bit difficult…. but ionly seems to be… as today you will find it a rally easy one… so let’s start…

So let first create a stretch a Round Rectangle

From the Image below you can easily found when you stretch a Round Rectangle it gets distorted…

So to keep it into its real shape first you have to convert it into curves and than with Node Tool (Press F10) select the all the nodes from any side and by pressing  and holding Ctrl key stretch it into the desired direction and area. Using such will not distort it any more…

But can round corners can be achieved through Curved Rectangle

Ofcourse yes! How! So let me explain.. to achieve this effect you have to open fillet scallop and chamfer docker from the CorelDraw’s windows docker menu as shown below..

With this docker menu you can round any curve object into round object only you have to select the node of the object to which you want to add round.

Is not this really helpful to create round object to any curve object.

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