Working with text selection in Indesign: Make text selection extend in both direction

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Working with text selection in Indesign: Make text selection extent in both direction using the arrow keys: Doesn’t this title mentioned seems strange you as how you anyone can extend text selection in both direction. I have just accidentally discovered this behavior of Indesign while working with a text selection using the combination of shift + arrow keys I found that  the selection is behaving very strangely.

Let me explain what I mean; consider text the written below:


Now suppose I have the cursor position in between I and help; now if here if I use shift + right arrow combination the text at the right side of the cursor be selected and if I press the shift + left arrow key then the text from left should be selected. Though here at this HTML page this will be quite ok… but at the Indesign page… this was not same as it should be…

What was happening there Indesign is that at first what combination of keys I was using; just in case say I was using shift + right arrow key; it is ok… but if I paused for a while and then use the shift + left arrow key… then instead of deselecting the text; the selection extend to left… isn’t this strange… this text effect I have seen several times; even with the ctrl+shift+arrow keys combination.

But as I have said already that I have accidentally discovered this behavior that there is unique way; why this happens with the text selection.

text selection
Text selection in Indesign

After taking attention to the action I was performing; finally I came to the information it is just the timing of the shift key that how many times I have pressed or released.

Still confused; let me explain. Let I have the  courser at the position between I and HELP.  Now I need to select the text to right up to Help… then as usual I have to use the keys combination SHIFT + RIGHT arrow key. Once the text “help” selected; then I discovered I have to select the I word also.. this is what you have to understand… only release the shift key for a while say one sec and now keep it pressed again… now this time when you use the left arrow key… instead of deselecting the text HELP it will extend the selection to the left selecting the word I.

I hope you have understand it very well… this strange behavior of Indesign… so far now I have not found such behavior in any software… but a new one in Microsoft word… the vertical selection of text…

Wow! Vertical selection of text! So far in every software you can only select a text horizontally line by line… but today the first time I will tell you that in Microsoft Word you can do this either way horizontal or vertical. How? This is also as simple as you have learned the trick for Indesign. Only need to keep ALT key pressed while you scroll down over the text using the mouse with left button pressed… this will select the text vertically as long as you keep it pressed while scrolling. Just test it yourself and let me know whether it is working for you or not…

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