Learn drawing sketches for comic illustration: Photoshop Video

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[turn on your annotations if they are off :D] Yeah, yeah, I know… but this one’s sort of different! I find this is a really fun way to work in photoshop, and is great for really grungy artwork. Sorry I didn’t film the whole thing. I stopped right after this for the day [have to get back to my comic] and the background is not much different from the characters… so you can prolly figure it out from there. :’D I’ll post a link to the finished pic here after it’s done tho… Music is as listed in annotations. Characters are from my webcomic, dream*scar www.dream-scar.net … although the guy is a chara of my friend Amy… she simply is going to allow me to use him in the story. xD

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. lol on it’s way XD… maybe just a liiitttllee closer hee hee, i just read new comic page… and wow I did not see that one coming O.o ut it would be cuter if he just gave a big smile XD if he can smile…. stil cute tho =D

  2. ilybb. his hand i kinda imagine is ON IT’S WAAYYY XDD to her. but yeah i see what you mean about her hand in his hair. maybe i can still change it :3 ty for this bb.

    I kind want her to be gripping his hair like her other hand is on the tho, and I feel like his hand is just sorta hanging there, like, it would be better to have him undoing his pants maybe? Or resting on her thigh/sliding down the tights or up her skirt? ::perv 8D:: The gripped hand is all “omg fuck me” but the hand in his hair is like “be gentle bb~” I guess it’s conflicting? ::shrug:: I dunno xD You are better at these things than I am xDD

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