Apply create Zombie / Gothic effect to an image using Photoshop

Like the movie...rate it now

Wanted to apply amazing and horror effect to an image just go through the below video….

Like the movie...rate it now


  1. OK that’s wicked! Tell me something what is better photoshop 7 or photoshop CS3 and why?

  2. how do you make these vids. i know how to photoshop too but i just dont know how to do the videos!

  3. amazing would be cool if you would post this with words and a bit slower so nobs could learn.:)

  4. Can’t i contact you here on youtube?:'(
    i really want to get my photos done
    and.. my computer hangs up everytime i login in myspace xO

  5. I like it a lot. :] Better then what I do/did. XD

    Even though I hate MCR, the song fit. :]

    Amazing job

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